Sea Turtles are no longer Endangered!

More turtles will finally be coming out of their shells, while even more sea turtles can finally swim freely in the ocean thanks to the United State’s Endangered Species Act (ESA).

The ESA was first passed in 1973. Its goal was to provide protection to animals that were in danger of going extinct.  And as far as the results are concerned, the ESA has been doing a great job. 

In a report evaluating the effect of the ESA on marine animals, a team of researchers discovered that 75% of sea turtles rebounded, while their population rose by 980% after receiving protection under the  ESA law.

Another successful ESA mission was when the number of the North Atlantic green sea turtle’s nests, along the Florida coastline, plunged to 464 in 1989. After the animal received ESA protection, the nests increased to 39,000 in 2016.  

The ESA not only saved sea turtles, but it also saved whales, sea otters, and manatees from extinction. The numbers of these animals increased dramatically,  putting their population numbers back on the road to recovery. 

So are you waiting for? Be part of the cause and start supporting by being eco- friendly!

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