Why Should I Start Recycling When Others Don't?

Are you one of those people who love to recycle? If you are then good for you. If you’re not then it’s not too late to start.  

You may think that recycling is a waste of time and effort if not everyone does it. Well, you’ll be surprised by how hundreds of thousands of people, entire cities, in fact, have started recycling and have adapted it as part of their lifestyle. And even if you think one person won’t make a difference, at least you’ll know that you’re doing what you can to save the planet. 

Here’s why you should recycle even if no one else will. 

  1. You will personally benefit. Some people’s heath actually improved after they started to recycle. It also saves you money. And you learn new skills like cooking, sewing, and gardening. 
  2. Change starts at the bottom. Change begins at the grassroots level. If no one starts it, it will never get going. But when more people see the good it can do, it adds up and catches on.
  3. You can influence others. You can’t put a good idea down. Its time will come eventually. So when your neighbors see  the good you’re doing, they’ll want to get in on the action too. 
  4. Once you start you can’t stop. Recycling can be fun, You find ways to defeat wastage. It becomes a game and you see how far you can take it. Others will want to join soon enough. 
  5. The world needs it.We don’t really have a choice if we don’t want our planet to get mired in garbage. We must take action and get the word out at least in your community.   

Remember, all it takes is a few good people to start the ball rolling. And before you know it, everyone will be doing their share in protecting the environment.