Zero Waste Lint Remover


The Zero-Waste Lint Remover eliminates hair, lint and everything else from your clothes and furniture without using 100's of disposable sticky plastic sheets. People spend over $100 million on lint rollers every year turning our landfills into mountains!

The Zero-Waste Lint Remover is the best no waste, no mess, no plastic solution.

 GENTLE ON FABRIC-  Remove fuzz without damaging your clothes! 

 LASTS A LIFETIME & ECO-FRIENDLY- With its reusable copper heads, you will never need another lint/hair remover. When full, it’s as easy as emptying the catchment chamber.  

 ACHIEVE A BRAND NEW LOOK -  Give your old fabrics new life by giving them a quick shave with no damage done to the fabric or sticky residue left behind. 

 CLEAN ANYTHING - You can now remove pet hair, lint, crumbs, and dirt from your clothes, bedding, furniture, carpet, curtains, car upholstery easily without a fuss! 

Not sold in stores. Available online only.